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Dylan Dog

Hey there! It's been a long time since I last posted something here, I had to work on a bunch of projects and didn't find time for a personal project for a while. Anyhow I am happy to share with you probably one of the most iconic characters in the Italian comic book world: Dylan Dog, a private and penniless "nightmare investigator". I grew up reading his stories that depicted a world full of monsters, in some of those you get to learn that often the real monsters are humans themselves, not ghosts or werewolves. It was a real challenge to bring to the 3D world as this character has been drawn by countless amazing artists and with lots of variations through time. At the end, I decided to go for what I had always imagined him to be in my head. I want to thank my dear friend Alberto for insulting me whenever I showed him some iteration of the character and making me improve it each time. It's still far from the level of realism I wanted to reach, but: finished not perfect I guess.